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Scientific Rationale Behind the SorbayPOC Program

The Scientific Rationale Behind the use of the SorbayPOC Mist
Although tartar is defined as mineralized plaque, it is not all that well defined structurally. This is because tartar is initially a work in progress. Mineralization occurs over a period of time, with calcium phosphate slowly being deposited from saliva into plaque. The developing tartar contains ever increasing amounts of calcium phosphate.

The rationale underlying the maintenance protocol is to employ, each day, sufficient tartar removal capacity to exceed a pet's ability to lay down new tartar. The clean-off protocol expands the maintenance protocol by providing extra tartar removal capability sufficient to remove existent tartar deposits.

Any veterinary technician will testify to the fact that it is easier to remove tartar that has been on the teeth for only a few days than it is tartar that is months old

SorbayPOC Mist faces this too. The mist assisted clean-off of old tartar takes longer the older the tartar is. This is one reason for the uncertain time required for the removal of very old tartar deposits. On the other hand the reason that a tartar-free mouth can be maintained with a occasional misting is because removing new tartar is a very easy task for the mist as well as for the veterinary technician. The end message here is using the product regularly will provide the best results for your pet's oral health overall.