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Frequently Asked Questions

Benefits of good Pet Oral

Pet Oral Health

The benefits of maintaining good oral hygiene are beyond question. The only perplexing issue is how does one go about achieving this objective? Clearly bacteria are the enemies of good oral health. They can cause cavities in teeth, destroy the gums, give rise to oral bad breath and, in their spare time, wander the circulatory system creating mischief that is yet to be fully understood.

Tips For Using SorbayPOC

The most likely places for pets to develop bacteria related oral health problems are in the backs of the upper parts of the space between the cheeks and gums. That is because food can find its way into this space, and remain there, without much chance of being rinsed away by saliva or drinking water. Bacteria find these to be great places to set up communities.

What is the shelf life of SorbayPOC?

Just store our product at room temperature, no need to refrigerate. Once opened the product should be used within six months.

Will My Pet Like the Taste?

Many pets like the taste of our product, in fact, some consider it a treat. Many other products that freshen the breath use mint as an ingredient, a taste that most pets reject. We use no mint in SorbayPOC. The spray has a natural flavor animals love.

Is the product safe?

Sorbay Product Safety

There is no reason to believe SorbayPOC is not not safe.

The actives upon which the Sorbay Technology depends are found in nature. Clinical trials and an independent health and safety (toxicological) study, have been conducted without the emergence of a single safety issue.