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Benefits Of Good Pet Oral Health

Pet Oral Health
Pet Oral Health

As your pet's sole guardian and protector, you alone are responsible for maintaining your pet's oral health. In order to meet this responsibility you should know what is going on in your pet's mouth and be able to identify areas that are in need of improvement.

The SorbayPOC Program is unique because it addresses tartar and gingivitis issues as well as cosmetic issues like unattractive pet breath. Introduce Sorbay Pet Oral Care Mist as a unique means of improving your pet's oral health, and as always consult your pet's oral care provider about any concerns and unanswered questions.

Out of control oral bacterial populations are the cause of most of the problems that typically arise in a pet’s mouth.  Ugly pet breath, inflamed gums, and brown/black tartar deposits on the teeth are easy to detect signs of over-the-top bacterial activity.  They are a call to arms for a guardian.

The Sorbay Pet Oral Care Program is uniquely suited to deal with these issues.  It addresses cosmetic issues like unattractive pet breath and tooth stains, as well as health problems like tooth decay and deteriorated gums.  The time it will take to bring back healthy pink gums and teeth will vary with the severity of the problem.  Once normalcy is achieved 2 -  3 mistings a week is usually enough to maintain a healthy mouth.

The primary rewards for a pet’s guardian are the reduced need for and cost of professional veterinary care to correct problems caused by out of control oral bacterial populations.  For guardians who welcome them there is also the opportunity to enjoy puppy kisses from a healthy furry friend.