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Avoid Anesthesia Not the Vet

While a SorbayPOC Program can deliver excellent results to combat pet oral health problems instigated by out of control oral bacterial populations, only a trained professional can determine the nature, cause, and extent of a particular oral health problem and recommend treatment appropriate to its solution.  Well pet visits to a veterinarian are a good thing.  You can relax when your pet gets a clean bill of health and if an emerging problem is caught early it can be attended to before it gets out of hand healthwise and financially.

When a vet announces that all your pet needs is to have its teeth cleaned and you know from past experience that means anesthesia, something you dread, you might want to suggest trying SorbayPOC Mist first and offer to work with the vet to follow it’s effectiveness.  The vet would have no choice but to accept your offer.  Protecting your pet from the risks of anesthesia and the vet’s practice from the potential loss of a disgruntled client, would likely win the day. 

If you were the pet custodian described above you would have been blessed fourfold. You learned there was nothing more serious than a tartar problem in your pet’s mouth, you had managed to protect your pet from the risks of anesthesia, and incidental to your SorbayPOC misting your pet’s gums would be kept in good health and pet breath would be a thing of the past.

A pet custodian unable to afford visits to a vet, still has the option of learning how to assess bacteria related oral health problems, treating them with the SorbayPOC Mist, and hoping more difficult pet health issues do not arise.